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Prime Minister Imran Khan: The hopes and difficulties

Prime Minister Imran Khan: The hopes and difficulties

Prime Minister Imran Khan: The hopes and difficulties

Now Imran Khan’s dream has become true and he elected twenty-second Prime Minister of Pakistan. The journey of the country’s highest rank was not easy its full of struggle. He has shown a new dream for millions of people in the country to achieve this goal. However, after assuming the prime minister’s post, Imran Khan should believe that the Pakistani nation is not accustomed to being more patient. Those big dreams have been shown to them now, would like to be an instant interpretation of these dreams. They will hope that the way they are told and what they are told should be brought to the end.

So these promises have been always made loudly from this nation and those promises that are not related to the fact.  But after the founder of PPP Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Imran Khan is the second leader who has given the public a new life and a new beginning. Imran Khan’s slogan is built new Pakistan. Bhutto promised to give bread clothes and accommodation to poor people. The PPP’s politics today is based on the same slogan. The expectations of Bhutto’s followers were not high. They used to go wild on simple things. However, in Pakistan politics, this act of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto will be remembered that he informed the poor person of his country about his rights. He gave the dramatic change in the political culture of the country through the identification of their rights. Although Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and PPP are unable to fulfill the promise of providing a hundred thousand people of bread, cloths, and accommodation to the country, they have started a rational and powerful movement for social justice. This is not a minor step in such country that linked to the psychiatric system and feudalism like Pakistan. Bhutto wanted a socialist system in Pakistan. Their slogan was a theory and philosophy. But they did not get the opportunity to complete the project.

Prime Minister Imran Khan: The hopes and difficulties

The moment of becoming prime minister of Imran Khan is a pleasure. At such times, there is no place to repeat the factors that Bhutto took to his death. Although it is also a supplication of the history that on the day of August, Imran Khan was taking the vote of confidence from the National Assembly on August 17, Zia-ul-Haq was killed in an accident by 30 years ago. Many people celebrate the evil of the worst military dictatorship of the country as the day of salvation. But this day reminds us of this sad truth of the country that the army has tried to keep political affairs from day to day. Whether it had to reject the Constitution for it or it was considered necessary to put pressure on political jurisprudence. The election of the new prime minister in the country and the opinion of the 25 July elections has come to the national and international level, It has been influenced by the fact that despite the electoral circus, the option of making decisions is not with the parliament or the voter, but someone else has.

Imran Khan today said it is necessary to claim in his speech as nominated Prime Minister that he did not come on shoulders of a dictator, but has succeeded in achieving this position as a result of 22 years of political work. There are two points in this statement. One is that if they were determined to serve the people and to reform the country and have been trying to reach the power of the intent. And they did not reach this place with the back end powers, why today their right left are those who are part of every dictatorship. His companions, who were his handmade in 1996, started the movement of PTI. The second point of view is that Imran Khan is struggling to become Prime Minister or his attempt was to change the system. He accomplished the purpose of becoming prime minister, but the claim could not prove that his journey was beyond this purpose. If they wanted to be optimistic for democratic reform, then registering their names in the National Assembly’s attendance register during the last five years, this journey was so intense. The freshness of Imran Khan’s face is announcing his success, but the democratic choice is not cricket world cup that success will be always with you, but after the success, the real test begins. Now Imran Khan will have to tell every moment how much distance has been set for success and change.

In contrast to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Imran Khan did not affect the country’s uneducated and elaborate class, but he has shown a dream to the educated and young class of the country. When this dream is not complete, the whole generation of young people will not be disappointed but its reaction will also be severe. Imran Khan bounced his contemporary politicians’ fate to get political outburst and founded his ministry’s supremacy on his political bodies. When the government of Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) will face the situation and will be helpless in front of them, so Imran Khan will face same allegations from the youth that he prepare for their opponents in last five years.

The country’s politics has long been bound to the demands of the military institutions. The way to become prime minister of Imran Khan was smooth enough when he had secured the secret that it was necessary to shake hand with the existing power institutions in the present system. While handling this current system, he accepted the system in its present form. He has made space in the political mechanism, by adopting the principles of military dominance on politics. However, he forgot the truth to reach the chair of the Ministry of Excellency, what was happen with those persons who were adopted the same path. Imran Khan was used to ending Nawaz Sharif and he happily used. Two instances come in their behavior. One is that Imran Khan could not fulfill the promise to change the system. he left older friends and choose those who are trustworthy who do not delay in changing the leader and party. The second aspect is the picture which was held today at the National Assembly meeting. Imran Khan is on his side shake hand with Shahbaz Sharif. The real truth of this picture is that the political system of the country can succeed in respecting each other and walking together. The principle of mutual respect and political exclusion can only make a policy or leader policy according to its promises. Imran Khan has ruined this image in the politics of protest in last five years. Now his warmest young supporters, instead of seeing this image in the context of the country’s political reality, will look at the slogans that are being raised from the throne to satisfy the Sharif family or other leaders.

After passing through these political slogans and tactics, after sitting on the prime minister’s chair, Imran Khan must wait for a moment to consider how he completes the dreams that he shows the nation. After becoming prime minister, Imran Khan’s long-term dreams were fulfilled but those who want to make new Pakistan through them would not accept this picture nor could they be easily burnt. Some distance can be resolved by the conspiracy of election slogans, but after, that, it is not easy to face the wave of disappointment and despair of hope. The first speech in the House of National Assembly as Imran Khan was the base of his election slogans and political strategy. They can not employ people with slogans of accountability of political leaders, nor built hospitals and cannot revise our education system. For this purpose, they have to hold the opponents’ hands and respect their mandate.

Today Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, chairman of the PPP, suggested Imran Khan in his first speech in the National Assembly should consider this seriously. Speaking to Imran Khan, Bilawal said, “I wish to congratulate the Prime Minister and I would like to remind him that he is not the Prime Minister of any particular party.” He is the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Every Pakistani`s prime minister. He is also their prime minister, who is called living bodies and those who are saying donkeys, goats, and sheep. If Imran Khan refused to accept this advice, his journey would be blocked and Pakistan’s problems would increase.

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