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Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war

Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war

Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war

Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war is my basic point of view. In TV reports, seeing the destruction of Syria is heartbroken. Once Islamic fighters rip out a Syrian soldier`s heart with the dagger, tore his heart with his teeth, that was the height of cruelty. At that time many questions arose in my mind. When the dead children were killed, weirdly treated children and throwing water over the heads of the elders.At that time I thought that what is Russian interest in the Syrian war. Well, some professional journalist doing a regular research gathered the evidence and exposed the truth. They expose that a professional and well-organized group named ‘White Helmets’ working in the areas. This group was working for America, Britain and other countries. They produced movie compensation for the payment. In which older people are professional actors and they hire younger children to their parents. The fear of childbirth is sometimes caused by fear of children, and the real effects of fear are created on their faces, medical processors make them more dreadful and oppressed.

Today in the ‘Fake News’ which including, videos have become part of both wars and politics. This fake news is the part of a war, during the war and before the war the way to fight through the media, which is very much in today’s digital communications world. It’s complicated and impressive.In the Syrian war, the destruction of human beings was bad, but after joining Russia’s in the Syrian war. It was also interesting to know about Russia’s interest in the Syrian war. There is not much oil in Syria like Iraq. In addition to the historical significance of Syria, its importance is in three references.Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war

Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war

Three Main Interest of Russia In The Syrian War

Russia’s interest in The Syrian war is that Syria is a part of Turkey and Turkey supports the United States and the NATO-owned country. In addition to Turkey, Iraq and Jordan are two Arab neighbors, it is not a matter of tender nature because Iraq was still a free country of America and Iraq and Jordan are not included in both NATO. Lebanon still faces a small but continuous tension.

The second important thing is that Israel is a neighbor of Syria, neither the Arab nor the NATO member, but its conflict with Syria due to the occupation of Golan hills. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, although it has never been claimed or announced.

The third strategic significance is to be connected to the Mediterranean.The United States had taken root in Afghanistan. They did not know how to do any other work besides fighting in the name of Islam, fighters did not think themselves satisfied in Afghanistan. First, they moved to Iraq, but Iraq’s army had already bowed before the United States. So the United States needed some space for its lost terrorists where they would play the game of war. The fire broke out in Syria. Both Saddam and Hafiz al-Assad were from the same party. Bashar is the son of Hafiz al-Assad. They drowned in front of local rebels. After the death of Momar Qadafi in Libya, the United States has decided to bury Bashar Assad and is still trying.
But in the Mediterranean Sea of Mediterranean Territories, Russia is the only technical hub of the world, where its combat ships in the Mediterranean can resort to staff and its ships can be repaired there when necessary.

The West has put a shelter of renowned Islamic fighters in Syria. When the terrorist organization ISIS, Iraq’s most brutal warrior, took a lot of pressure in Syria, Russia sent its airline and its military advisor to the request of Bashar-ul-Assad.

Russian involvement in the Syrian civil war

From the terrorists, the Syrian army, its co-ordinated soldiers of the Guardians and the Persian soldiers, but they receive technical support from Russia. It is believed that there are also soldiers of the Soviet Union of Russia and former Soviet Union states. It has not been confirmed but it is possible to be the people involved in the war against terrorism in different terrorist organizations.
The West has the dual policy in Syria. On one hand, he condemns the war of eliminating global terrorism, on the other hand, against the help of a legal government, and helps the members of terrorist organizations fighting the rebels.

United States Of America Attack On Syria When the Syrian army and their supporters surrounded nearly the fortresses of the terrorists, not that they killed everyone, but many were also given ‘safe workforce’ to turn on any side including their coaches. The game was played on a ‘chemical attack’ game.

The entire world is under the influence of western media. Syria has no effective media. Russia has more than one English / Arabic / Spanish channel ‘Russia Cast’ and two major news agencies sites. The rest of the world, which is limited to some of those agencies’ sites, sees the rest of the world watching TV channels and reads the newspapers and sites, whose sources are western.
Now, come to the point that what is Russia’s interest in the Syrian war.Russia and the United States will never fight, they will continue to fight in other countries. It’s absolutely baseless to say. First, there should be no such wish that a direct collision between the two largest nuclear powers of the world.

Secondly, Russia and America have not come against each other in any country. In Afghanistan, with the Afghan government’s army, the ‘Soviet Union’ soldiers, there was no country in Russia. The US was apparently not directly involved Afghan`s war but helping the Afghan Mujahideen with the help of Pakistan. Pakistan fought America’s ‘proxy war’ in Afghanistan. Now, this is not hidden from anyone.
The battle in the eastern region of Ukraine was the local guerrilla warriors which might have been supported by Russia, which was against the Ukrainian army.Georgia also fought with Russia in Abkhazia. It must be that the British military advisers and trainers were American soldiers.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

Russian`s army and air force both in Syria. If the United States try to target the Russian military assets in Syria, the war in the Middle East will fly.In my views, there is no authenticity that Russia and US try to sell their weapons in this war. In the fight of Syria, common weapons are used, a small area is a is used. Not hundreds of tanks are sold, not tens of warships and submarines, nor dozens of combat aircraft nor unmatched missiles. My point of view is that if a large war or a tragic estimation of the west is spoiled, in such case, Arab countries will buy arms, ammunition, and warriors only from the United States and other western countries. Russia’s customer is the same in the region, which is currently inevitable, second heard Saudi Arabia who has just signed an agreement.

This objection or statement that these big countries will continue to kill Muslims, because of this reason, it is unfortunate that there is no reason for the Muslims if they do not want to kill the Muslims, but it is not the first time. In history since the beginning of Islam are testimony that the differences of mutual interest have been the first point of view and subsequent simplicity.

This war is the war of power in Syria. The United States wants to take away the last option from Russia after coming under the Middle East might be intent on destroying China. In the subcontinent, US has made India as his helper. Including South Asia, also Pakistan’s ally. Russia’s intensive effort will continue that Syrian matters will resolve the Syrian people of the same solution. Russia does not want Bashar Assad’s supporters but there is no such slaughter that he should lose the Tatras’s port.

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